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Eithne Kennedy

Futurist. Awareness activist. Lateral thinker. Dot-joiner. Eithne is an author, blogger, online course creator, mentor to start-ups and certified human behavior analyst. She is also an engaging speaker and moderator at global business conferences, such as the World Economic Forum and was co-Chair and moderator for the Asia-Pacific Inaugural Summit of the Global Women's Forum for the Economy and Society.

Her passion for social progress led to the creation of Isle Of Us Productions. Isle Of Us actively promotes the idea that discovering, developing, and sharing our individual personal skills and talents moves us all forward as a global community. Her vision for social progress is set out in her 2017 book: 'Rebooting Humanity - A Call To Awareness.'

Eithne's online mini course: 'Self-awareness for people in a hurry' - that is people who are in a hurry to take back control of their lives - can be accessed via this website. Click the link on the homepage.

Author of: 'Smart Management; for ambitious young managers', available in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

'Rebooting Humanity - A Call to Awareness'' (published 2017)

Some testimonials for ‘Rebooting Humanity - A Call to Awareness’:

‘Rebooting humanity is certainly the most important task in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman World Economic Forum.

‘Very interesting and timely.
’ Ben Pring, leader of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work and co-author of: ‘What To Do When Machines Do Everything’.

‘Interesting and inspiring. I read it with joy!’
Peter Sävblom, Advisory Board Member at Geeks Without Frontiers, Washington DC based NGO.

‘A real analysis of what lies ahead from different perspectives. Very thoughtful, challenging, and provocative. A very worthy contender to assuage the appetite for the questions which must be raised as to what will the scenario be like in 30+ years.’ Robert Grier, Former Member of The Labor Court of Ireland.

‘Highly inspiring. A very valuable contribution to the development of mankind.
’ Dr Bruno Doenni, Former Executive Chairman, Schindler AG, Switzerland.

Contact Eithne at: [email protected]




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