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This course is for people in a hurry – people who feel that they no longer have control over their lives and they want to change that - fast! Self-awareness will help to reduce stress and rebuild your confidence. It will help you to create a vision and a (flexible) action plan for your life.

 What's in the course?

Lesson One: Self-awareness – what it is, what it's not and why it's so important

Lesson Two: Derailers – what could trip you up

Lesson Three: How to get out of your own way and create a purpose for your life

Lesson Four: Practical tools to get you started on creating your best life!

The lessons are delivered via short and snappy video presentations, audio summaries and worksheets to keep you on track.

All that PLUS....bonus e-Books on: Image Management and Top Tips for Entrepreneurs.

All this for only US$47

Yes, you read that right: only forty-seven dollars!

'She must be mad!' I hear you say.

And it's true. I should be charging way more for all that life-changing value, But I'm not. Because these are tough times. 

If you are one of the many people who have just lost their job - or fear losing it during these uncertain times, cash is very likely tight. So, let me help you to boost your confidence, stay grounded and create a brighter future for yourself, by developing your self-awareness.  

Friend Yourself First! (that said: why not let your friends in on this one-time special offer? They'll be thanking you down the road.)    

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Who's running the course?

Hi, I'm Eithne Kennedy, your course facilitator. I'm an entrepreneur, certified human behavior analyst, motivational speaker and mentor to start-ups. To date, I've trained thousands of professionals, worldwide, in leadership and personal development.


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